Alvarez: House will prioritize ‘DOM’ bill

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House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez elicited laughs during a news conference on Wednesday when he called his bill on the dissolution of marriage the “DOM” bill.

He said the House of Representatives would prioritize the bill, which would simplify the process of legal separation of married Filipinos.

“Commitment ko dyan. Andaming ang kukulit din nyan sa social media, kahit federalism ang topic, comment puro divorce, or dissolution of marriage, ang tawag nga nila dun DOM,” the Speaker said to laughs.

Alvarez said Congress should not ignore the clamor for a bill that would do away with the tedious and costly annulment process.

“Hindi naman pwedeng i-ignore natin ang hinaing ng bayan. Yung kumite na may hawak nyan, sabi ko, ‘bilis bilisan nyo yan.’ Hindi ang dito sa Pilipinas, pati sa ibang bansa, [iniintay yan],” he said.

The Speaker said the House would be able to pass the final version of the bill before Congress adjourns next month.

The House committee on population and family relations recently formed a technical working group to consolidate four bills on divorce or annulment, House Bills 116, 1062, 2380 and 6027.