Ace Cerilles goes on a night out with Masonic bros


The Politiko had so much fun with his fellow Kuyangs.

Zamboanga del Sur Vice Governor Ace Cerilles recently Had a fun filled night out with his fellow members of the Freemasonry. On his Facebook page, the cool Politiko shared a group photo of their group during the installation of their lodge’s newest officers.

“With Brother Masons at the 34th Public Installation of Officers for 2019-2020. #BPL275 /G\ “, he wrote. 😊“,

Freemasonry is dubbed as the oldest, largest and most widely recognized world-wide civic movement and brotherhood in the world. Its heirarchy of milestones include Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and the last, the Master Mason.

Dating back to early 1600s, Freemasonry aims to promotes good work guided by its principal tenets of Relief, Brotherly Love and Truth. Notable Filipino members include Graciano Lopez, Dr. Jose Rizal, Jaena, Marcelo del Pilar, Antonio Luna, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini and Mariano Ponce.