51 of 98 Zamboanga City barangays no Covid-19 case – Mayor Climaco


Some 51 of the 98 barangays in Zamboanga City have no reported coronavirus disease cases as of the start of the new year, Mayor Beng Climaco said.

Citing the report of the City Health Office’s (CHO) Covid-19 Surveillance Report and Analysis, Climaco said that as of January 1, the 51 barangays had no reported confirmed Covid-19 case for a period of four weeks, from Nov. 29 to Dec. 26, 2020.

CHO head Dr. Dulce Amor Miravite said the latest development could be attributed to the strict implementation of Covid protocols.

The 51 barangays are: Baluno, Bolong, Bunguiao, Busay (Sacol Island), Cabaluay, Cacao, Calabasa, Campo Islam, Capisan, Cawit, Curuan, Dita, Dulian (Upper Bunguiao), Dulian (Upper Pasonanca), Guisao, Labuan, Lamisahan, Landang Gua, Landang Laum, Lanzones, Lapakan, Latuan (Curuan), Licomo, Limaong, Limpapa, Lubigan, Lumayang, Lumbangan, Manalipa, Mangusu, Muti, Pangapuyan, Panubigan, Pasilmanta (Sacol Island), Patalon, Quiniput, Salaan, Santo Niño, Sibulao, Sinubong, Tagasilay, Taguiti, Talabaan, Taluksangay, Tictapul, Tigbalabag, Tigtabon, Tolosa, Tumalutab, Tumitus, and VItali.

On the other hand, the top 10 barangays with most number of active cases are Tetuan, Baliwasan, Lunzuran, Tumaga, Calarian, Pasonanca, Sinunuc, Canelar, Talon-talon, and San Roque.

Miravite said the CHO will further strengthen its efforts against Covid-19, particularly its profiling and containment of possible cases which may come in the city due to the resumption of inter-provincial bus trips on Saturday, January 16.