44 loose firearms in Lanao del Sur turned over to military


Residents of Lanao del Sur have turned over to the military 44 loose firearms.

In a ceremony Monday, November 18, the locals of the municipality of Bayang and nearby towns handed over the firearms to the 55th Infantry Battalion.

The weapons include 27 Caliber 45, one Garand, one M653 bushmaster, two M79, two M203 tube, two homemade uzi, five Caliber 38 revolver, one 380 pistol, one 9mm pistol, one M16 rifle, and one 50 caliber sniper rifle.

“The concerted effort and intensified collaboration among our troops, the communities, local chief executives, and other stakeholders resulted in this remarkable accomplishment,” said Col. Jose Maria Cuerpo II, 103rd Brigade commander.

Bayang Mayor Aslani Balt, who facilitated the ceremonial turnover of the loose firearms, thanked the troops for their effort in sustaining peace and development in the municipality of Bayang. #