36 newly-trained traffic enforcers in Davao City deployed


The Davao City government has deployed 36 newly-trained traffic enforcers to various posts.

They are new members of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) who were trained on traffic law enforcement and briefed on Traffic International Sign, Plate Number, Norm of Conduct, Traffic Direction and Control and Protected Light Operation.

CTTMO has 518 field enforcers and 80 pay parking officers.

“I hope you always remember the traffic rules and regulations and help our office and our city progress and not become a problem of our office,” said CTTMO chief Dionisio Abude.

Of the 36 new traffic enforcers, five are assigned at the Jaywalking Unit; five as Pay Parking Officers; seven office personnel; and, the rest as at the traffic enforcement unit.

The new traffic officers will still undergo another seminar for deputization to issue traffic citation tickets.