17 farmers from Mati City receive cash insurance from PCIC – LGU


The Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) has given cash insurance to 17 farmers in Mati City affected by the typhoon and El Nino during first half of this year, the local government said Tuesday, December 22.

The amount of insurance received by the farmers depends on the percentage, age, and stage of the crop, it said.

If the plant is totally damaged and ready-to-harvest, a farmer could get P14,000 per hectare while for immature plants, P7,500.

Quoting the PCIC, the local government said the damaged plant must also be at 11 percent or more to receive the insurance.

The farmers with damaged crops should also register to PCIC, the Mati City Agriculture Office said.

The insurance must be registered a week before planting.

PCIC provides insurance protection to farmers against losses arising from natural calamities, plant diseases and pest infestations of their palay and corn crops as well as other crops.