14 na namatay! Zamboanga City surpasses anew dengue epidemic threshold level – CHO


Zamboanga City has again exceeded the dengue epidemic threshold level for the 8th consecutive week with 166 cases recorded from April 24-30.

The City Health Office (CHO) said the 166 dengue cases recorded for morbidity during week 17 (April 24-30) were 3,220 percent higher compared to the same time period in 2021, which registered only 5 cases.

No deaths were reported for morbidity in week 17.

As of April 30, the cumulative total dengue cases in Zamboanga City were 1,659 with 14 deaths.

The most affected age group was the 0-9 years old with 834 cases, followed by the 10-19 age group with 507 cases. Furthermore, 1,201 of the 1,659 cases were dengue with warning signs, while 410 had no warning signs, and 48 were classified as severe dengue.

The CHO noted that all Disease Reporting Units (DRU) have captured at least one dengue case, with several barangays now under close monitoring for clustering, hotspot, and increasing cases.

Clustering is defined as 3 or more cases in a barangay for the past 4 consecutive weeks. A hotspot is defined as a clustering of cases with an increasing number in 2 consecutive weeks.