NAPC to NGAs: Push real anti-poverty projects; ‘yung walang halong bola

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Instead of so-called “trapo” projects, the National Anti-Poverty Commission urged government agencies to address poverty by factoring in the 10 basic needs of the people – such as land reform.

The NAPC stressed this as it launched the Mindanao leg of its Kilos Sambayanan campaign at the Muslim Village in Barangay Talomo in Davao City.

“Land reform is really important because 7 of 10 farmers remain landless or are not able to receive support services from the government,” said NAPC lead convener Liza Maza.

Other basic needs listed under the NAPC’s Kilos Sambayanan include food, housing, water, health, education, work, social protection, clean environment, peace and community cooperation.

Maza said agrarian reform, land distribution and the development of industries are among the factors in resolving poverty and ending conflict.

NAPC executive assistant Paying Pascual said they are aiming for a more comprehensive approach in providing projects in communities.

Pascual said the NAPC will coordinate with government agencies and LGUs to ensure that each project addresses the 10 basic needs.