Yummy! Here’s what the triad eats according to Paolo Duterte

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Wondering what’s on the triad members’ plates? Here’s what VM Pulong wants you to know.

Amid allegations of drug smuggling being thrown at him and brother in law Atty. Mans Carpio, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Zimmerman Duterte never fails to instill his humor on every Instagram post he shares.

On Friday morning, the Politiko shared his delectable looking ulam, “triad style.”

“Mangaon ta TRIAD style beef, pork liver and ampalaya!!!”, Pulong wrote on his Instagram page.

He also shared a photo of green mangoes smothered in bagoong, comically referring to it as the favorite ‘pulutan’ of triad members.

This Politiko’s sense of humor truly never fails to make his followers laugh!