VG Ace Cerilles on narco-links: Questionable timing, Funny man!

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This Politiko is ready to face any allegations being thrown at his family.

Zamboanga del Sur Vice Governor Ace Cerilles expressed his dismay over the alleged drug links being thrown at his father, Governor Tony Cerilles. On his Facebook page, the Politiko still managed to find humor amidst the “pamomolitika” and “false” reports published by GMA News linking his dad to drug trade.

“Sayo kaayo nagsugod pamolitika ning uban. Sayo pa man kaayo mga besh. Kabalo ang tanan nga dugay ra ga declare og all-out-war on drugs and crime syndicates ang akong mga ginikanan diri sa #ZamboangadelSur, karon i-link si Gov sa issue nga tumo2x ug sayop. Funny man”, he wrote on his Facebook page.

He also aired out his concerns earlierregarding political persecution, saying that the suspension of NAPOLCOM deputation based on confidential report on alleged abuses and sudden withdrawal of his dad’s police escorts were executed at a brow-raising timing. He then stood firm that his family is not linked to any drug trades and vowed to file a libel suit against GMA News.