‘Sign my petition!’: Fema Duterte wants the Church to be taxed

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Would you sign this online petition?

Presiential pamangkin Maria Fema Duterte has urged her followers to sign an online petition to separate Church activities from the State

On her Facebook account, the President’s niece said that the church should not take prt on partisan political activities and shared a link to a petition that would impose taxes to the church.

“The leaders of the Catholic Church still continue to engage in partisan political activities that do nothing but divide the nation.
What is worse is that they do this at the same time that they enjoy the unique privilege of being a TAX FREE institution”, she wrote.

“If the Catholic church insists on meddling in political affairs and matters reserved to the State, then it is about time for congress to pass a law that would Tax the churches in the Philippines”, she added.

The petition is coursed through online platform change.org which currently has over 3,000 signatures.

I’ve Done my part signing! 😃👊👊👊🇵🇭
The Philippine Constitution says there must be a separation between Church and State….

Posted by Maria Fema Duterte on Wednesday, November 8, 2017