Sibs reunite! Saturday situation at the Duterte residence

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Just like any other family, the Duterte siblings make sure that they spend time with one another amid their busy scheds.

On his Facebook page, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte shared a selfie photo showing the Saturday situated at the Duterte residence in Davao City.

“Mama bag-ong mata si Mayora @indaysaraduterte busy…ako gahulat pauli-on..si @sebastianduterte pinaabtik nakauli dayon..”, he wrote on his page, saying that Mayor Inday has been busy over the weekend and asking his younger brother to come visit home as soon as possible. Baste has been currently traveling the country as part of his hosting gig for TV5’s travel show, Lakbai.

There’s truly nothing quite like a siblings’ bonding!