Paolo Duterte on St. Scho rally against PRRD: Education ba yan for children?

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After hearing about the news of a rally organized by St. Scholastica’s College against President Rodrigo Duterte ahead of his 2nd SONA, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte expressed his thoughts against the movement.

On a lengthy post re-posting a letter by a certain Rylan Alingarog slamming the protests, Pulong said, “mga style niyong bulok!! Pati bata dinamay niyo.. eto na may napaMURA na”

In the comments section, the Presidential son added, “Education ba yan for children? Anong subject!!!???”, referring to the participation of students during the rally.

He also disclosed on the comments section that Mr. Alingarog has received death threats already.

“papatay nalang kayo ng buong pamilya may pa masaker masaker pa kayo kailangan ba ipaalam..style ng duwag yan dodong!”, he straightforwardly said on the post.