Paolo Duterte on ‘biased’ journalists: What a shame!

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The Presidential son has nothing but aversion to some members of the Philippine media who are “obsessed with lies.”

On his Facebook page, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Zimmerman Duterte expressed his repulsion on some journalists he accused of being unethical.

“It is deeply lamentable how some members of the Philippine media have shamed the industry, themselves, their profession, their fellow Filipinos, and this country by resorting to cheap witch hunts and fishing trips instead of practicing fair and unbiased reporting — with the objective of smearing people’s reputation by reporting even unfounded claims and perverted admissions”, the Vice Mayor wrote on his Facebook account.

He added that these journalists, are quick to judge and persecute public officials and are deeply obsessed with lies.

“They see truth in the filthy, the gunky, and the rotten. Kaulaw na lang gayud. (Shame, really)”, his post read, adding the hashtag, “Pera Pera Lang Yan”.