Namiss ng yellowtards? VM Pulong Duterte shows pa Digong alive

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Where’s President Duterte? He’s here, alive and kicking.

Many people were asking where on earth the President has been, after being missing in action since Monday.

Presidential son Paolo “Pulong” Duterte ended the hide-and-seek game.

Pulong revealed: The President had just woken up from too much sleep after downing “papaitang kambing” (bittergoat stew) on Secretary Bong Go’s birthday party on June 14.

The Davao City vice mayor also did not forget to mock the opposition, the “yellowtards,” for “missing the President so much.”

“O ayan nagpakita na! Pagkatapos ng masusing pagplano sa Marawi at para sa rehabilitasyon nito,” he said of President Duterte.

The Filipinos can now let out a collective sigh of relief.