Move over ‘ghost employees’: Over 200K ‘ghost students’ bloat ARMM since Hataman took over as governor

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Gov. Mujiv Hataman on Monday “spooked” senators with a bombshell.

Hataman uncovered 207,084 “ghost students” enrolled in public schools in the region since 2011.‎ Hataman was appointed ARMM governer in 2011.

Hataman was referring to the “non-existent” elementary and high school students supposedly enrolled by unscrupulous teachers and principals in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools in ARMM.

There were 28,151 ghost students in 2012; 75,242 in 2013; 48,066 in 2014; and 150,661 in 2015.
“Kaya namin ‘yan pinapakita para at least conscious sila na nakikita na natin ‘yun. May sistema na na ginagawa (para ito mahinto). Ang last natin ‘yung 2015 nag actual headcount kami nung 2016 at ang na determine is 56,423 (ghost students),” he said.

Hataman made the revelation during the deliberation of the proposed budget of ARMM being handled by Sen. Ping Lacson, as chair of the sub-Committee “E” of the Committee on Finance.

“So, i-pu purge naming ‘yun (list) dahil ang implication nun (bloated), MOOE (maintnenance and other operating expenses). Parang nag-a allocate ka ng pondo na ‘di mo dapat i-allocate. Iyun ang purpose nun,” he added.

Sen. Migz Zubiri lauded Hataman’s revelation. “I would like to commend Gov.Mujiv for the candor, at least bringing this up. I think you’re the only governor of ARMM that has brought this up.”

“And I would like to state that because after my consultations with a lot of our friends there in ARMM, you’re doing a good job in trying to create these reforms in ARMM. Kaya saludo ako na inilabas mo ito,” Zubiri told Hataman.