Mag-shades na kayo: Chinese vice mayor sees ‘bright future’ for Davao, says city govt

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Shanghai Vice Mayor Chen Yin sees a bright future for Davao City after Davao City Vice Mayor and presidential son Paolo Duterte visited the bustling Chinese city, the city government said over the weekend.

Vice Mayor Duterte’s visit to Shanghai came shortly after his father, President Rodrigo Duterte, conducted a visit to China.

A report on Davao Today said Chen assured the younger Duterte of more “exchanges” between their cities, saying the elder Duterte’s visit “greatly improved our bilateral relations and brought up many opportunities and exchanges.”

“I am sure Davao will have a bright future,” he said.

Chen also said Shanghai is also committed to strengthen its relationship with Davao City.

For his part, the younger Duterte said Davao City is working to improve residents’ livelihood through investments that could generate jobs and economic growth.

“We hope to partner with the government of China and Shanghai in the realization of our objectives as a developed, progressive, and peaceful city,” he said.