Kapagod kayo! VM Pulong Duterte hits ‘blind, deaf’ Davao City traffic men for failing to do jobs

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It takes 10 dead men and several others injured in a road mishap to get the presidential son seething in madness.

Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte slammed the traffic law enforcers in Davao City for “faltering in their duties and obligations.”

Duterte blamed the negligence of members of the Land Transportation Office, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, and the City Transportation and Traffic Management Office for the death of 10 people in an accident in Bunawe district.

Calling them “blind and deaf,” Pulong told the traffic enforcers to arrest drivers who do not comply with the speed limit ordinance.

He particularly mentioned the notorious speed-hungry jeepneys plying the southern district of Toril.

Former mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte enacted the speed limit ordinance in 2013, which led to fewer road crashes until recently.

Or they don’t do their job because they settle it “under the table”?

Don’t play with Pulong; he has his “informants.”