Inday Sara on Honeylet: We don’t ker about her feelings!

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Hold on to your seats! The Presidential daughter has unveiled how she “feels” about the first lady.

Inday Sara Duterte- Carpio said in a Facebook comment that she has no “ker” on Honeylet Avanceña, President Duterte’s partner.

“Wa mi pakialam kay Honeylet oie. We don’t ker about her feelings”, the Politiko jokingly replied to one of her followers.

The comment came with the “family picture” Inday Sara posted on social media. In the Facebook post, the Davao City Mayor shared a photo of her parents along with a humorous caption, “Digong ❤️ Lizzie HAHAHAHA Congrats sa bago ninyong anak”, referring to her youngest, Stonefish.

The comment was a response to a Facebook commenter who asked what would PRRD’s common-law wife feel about the photo.

Strong ni madam! Hashtag, no filter.