Dambuhalang anak: Rodrigo II reacts to Dad’s post

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Former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and his son, Rodrigo S. Duterte II, seemed to be really close with each other.

In his message to his family and friends, expressing his gratitude to them for joining him on his 43rd birthday celebration Saturday, March 24, he told his son, “Sa akong dambuhalang anak, Rodrigo S. Duterte II, I love you Rigs! Kami tanan naa sa imong likod gasuporta kanimo.”

Rodrigo II reacted on the “dambuhala” description of his father on the FB post, saying, “Dambuhala gyud pa di pwede macho lang? Hahahaha,” he said.

Paolo answered in a funny way also, “hahahahaha exercise pa more dagko dalan davao pag walking hahahaha.”

Paolo’s relationship with Rodrigo II apparently was a lot different with his daughter, Isabelle, who recently had a lavish debut celebration in a posh hotel in Makati City.

The presidential son even quarreled with Isabelle on social media, calling her a “disgrace” and telling her to change her last name if she wanted to.

Rodrigo II and Isabelle are Paolo’s children with his first wife Lovelie Sangkola Sumera.