Atty. Mans Carpio says Trillanes is a desperate tsismoso

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The lawyer has spoken!

The Davao City Mayor’s husband, Atty. Manases Carpio took to Facebook his response statement on the accusations of Senator Antonio Trillanes tagging him in malicious activities at the Bureau of Customs.

On his social media account, the lawyer called the Senator a rumor monger who is way too desperate.

“I represent many clients who have transactions with the Bureau of Customs. It is my job as a lawyer to appear before government agencies for and on behalf of my principals”, he explained, referring to Trillanes’ Trillanes allegation saying that Carpio took bribe money to take part on the swift movements of shipments at the BOC.

“Senator Trillanes is imputing malice in saying that my appearance before the BOC is because of smuggling. He is just a desperate rumor monger who happens to be a Senator. #desperado”, he added referring to his alleged frequent visits to the BOC.