Anti-Duterte groups working hard to topple Chief Executive – Nograles

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Some groups are really working hard to put in disrepute and topple President Rodrigo Duterte in a bid to put someone more pliable in the highest position in the land.

This was stressed by Davao City 1st District Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles in his Facebook post last March 23.

“The spin doctors are on overtime to put in disrepute the President of our republic in a desperate attempt to take over. They are so desperate that they are not even subtle in making their intentions known. Imagine a story printed on an American broadsheet reprinted verbatim by Philippine newspapers on the same day,” the politiko added.

“And the story is nothing more than a rebooted, rehashed, exaggerated remake of a movie script. This is obviously a calibrated and calculated move by enemies of the State to force themselves into power in an undemocratic manner. Only rich and powerful enemies have the means to operate in this manner,” the Davao City solon stressed.

What was more distressing, Nograles said, was that the writer made it appear that he interviewed a few people for the article but it is clear that he picked only parts of those interviews that were unfavorable to President Duterte and his people.

“It destroyed the time-honored balance required in journalism and recklessly tried to damage the interests of the Philippines,” he added.

“Curiously, the malicious article came at a time when there was this report from New York City by Filipina journalist Ethel Cantor Constantino, a former Davao broadcaster, that intense fund-raising activities are being undertaken in that particular American area. The report from New York made public online did mention of Philippine opposition figures raising money to bring down the Duterte administration. Needless to say, New York Times owes our country, our people and our President an explanation and an apology,” the Davao City solon stressed.