Aklan State U campus directors ordered to refund excess RATA

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State auditors scored the Aklan State University campus directors who were given excessive representative and transportation allowances (RATA) in 2015.

In its annual audit report that ended in 2015, the Commission on Audit (COA) said an examination of the disbursement vouchers showed that the campus directors of three satellite campuses were granted P390,500 RATA in 2015 – P11,000 per month representing P5,500 for the representation allowance and P5,500 for transportation allowance.

Auditors said the directors’ RATA was excessive by P35,000.

COA cited Section 5.1 of the National Budget Circular 548 which sstates that, “No amount of RA or TA, whether commutable or reimbursable, which exceeds the authorized rates may be granted to the foregoing officials/employees whether or not their positions are covered by RA 6758, as amended.”

“Thus, excess payment of RATA amounting to P35,500 is irregular and disallowable in audit,” COA said.

The COA has recommended that the Budget Officer strictly adhere with the pertinent rules and regulations set by law governing commutable and reimbursable RATA, and that the monthly payment of RATA to campus directors be reduced to P10,000 to comply with the authorized rates.

The COA also ordered the overpayment of P35,500 for 2015 be refunded pursuant to regulations.

The campus directors had refunded the total excess RATA of P35,500 as of March 22, 2016, COA said.