Airstrike pa more? ‘Kota,’ Sen. Domocao Alonto’s resting place, razed in Marawi siege

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Not even the most powerful political clan’s abode was spared in the ongoing fight in Marawi City.

Zia Alonto Adiong, an assemblyman of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, posted a photo of Kota, already destroyed by the military’s ongoing airstrikes to neutralize members of Maute group.

Kota is the ancestral home of the Alonto clan and the resting place of Sen. Ahmad Domocao Alonto, considered the greatest Filipino Muslim.

Senator Alonto, was the lone Muslim Bangsamoro recipient of the King Faisal Award for Service to Islam for fighting for the civil rights of Muslim minority.

He also founded the Mindanao State University in 1961, and an advocate of the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians.

Alonto clan members remembered their beautiful memories at Kota, with one posting its grand interior.

Adiong, in a separate lengthy post, asked how “any person who calls himself fighting for the cause of Islam” be able to destroy the house of a great Muslim “just for his desire to create anarchy.”

The Alonto members promised to rebuild Kota and the spirit of peace it symbolizes.