Improper use of traditional attire outlawed in Davao City

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Using or wearing traditional attire that may offend indigenous peoples in Davao City will now carry a penalty, after the city council approved an ordinance to the effect.

The ordinance will penalize event organizers, performers, and choreographers who use traditional attire in a way IPs may find offensive.

Organizers who want to use IP attire for exhibits, school activities and other public programs should secure a certification from the Office of Cultural Community Affairs under the Office of the City Mayor.

Covered by the ordinance is improper use of such clothing during parades, exhibits, gatherings, presentations and related public activities.

Violators face a penalty ranging from P500 to P2,000, and will be required to attend another cultural consultation or seminar.

Under the ordinance, applications for certification will involve orientation and consultation with the authorized IP tribe representative, who may be a tribal leader or elder.

Altering the original attire may constitute a violation.

The City recognizes 10 tribes, including the Ata, Kagan, Klata, Matigsalug, Obu-Manuvu, Tagabawa, Maguindanaoan, Maranao, Sama, Iranon, and Tausug.